Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Drabble: First Time

The first b7friday challenge is 'Firsts', and here's my entry. It's also the first drabble I've ever written that came out to 100 words at first count!

First time

She was crying in the corridor. Vila was late for history (well, propaganda, really) but he stopped. "What's wrong?"

Jain wiped her eyes. "That big bully Miller kicked my locker door in and now I can't open it."

"I can," said Vila.

Jain's eyes widened as he took a slim shiny probe from his pocket and worked.

"There you are," Vila said, stepping back. "Good as new. The wards were a bit bent but they're all right now."

"Oh, aren't you clever!" Jain flung her arms around him.

Vila reeled back, dizzy. It was the first time he'd been kissed.

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