Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Killer (207)

Killer trousers and a chiller ending.

This is one of the few episodes I can remember something of from when I first saw the series: Bellfriar's last words which sent a chill of horror down my spine. And it's a great episode for all sorts of reasons, very few of them related to...

The Costumes
What was the costume designer thinking? The horrible brown cockroach capes one of  which Avon shoves at the appalled Vila are bad enough, but there are also Bellfriar and Gambrill's stiff white things with the protruding tails and embarrassing random creaks, the Michelin Men, and the Headbands of Mysterious Rank. White seems to be medical, and black communications; is Tynus's pus yellow for management?
It's not all bad though. We do get Vila's killer trousers, displayed most to advantage in that orange chair. Why don't we see them again? Were they considered too sexy for Vila's character? :-(

Blake and Jenna
This is one of the episodes that shows a certain affection and respect between Blake and Jenna that I usually construe as friendship, but this comes the closest to suggesting a relationship when Jenna is concerned about Blake teleporting down to Fosforon. As for Blake explaining the history of space flight to her, in my personal fanon Jenna can list all the current spacecraft and how to evade or attack them, but was just never interested in history. She's very practical. She wouldn't see the point.

Bellfriar and Gambrill
I love these two. Bellfriar is so dry and faintly amused, and Gambrill is eager and enthusiastic and I wish he'd lived to collect a pension. They make a great team, and I love that they immediately 'forget' Blake's name. Which leads to an interesting question: the Federation's blackening of said name appears not to have worked.
Like Tynus, I wonder why a scientist of his eminence should choose to bury himself on Fosforon. Was he also a dissident who agreed to serve the Federation in a remote in unpleasant place to protect his family?

Avon and Tynus
Tynus seems so glad to see 'Kerr' that I can for once see the slash. I’d say the attraction was one-sided, at least in the present, because Avon is quite cold towards him. However he did once protect Tynus, and I suspect that the fraud they were involved in was the one Avon was sent to Cygnus Alpha for. Avon does tell him that "you would be sweating out the rest of your life on a convict planet" and that was what he was himself sentenced to.

I choose to believe him about being a vegetarian, not just because most don't. but because otherwise Avon would have made a sarcastic remark about the big steak he ate the other night, but he let it pass.

The darkling zone plague
I wish we'd learned more about the Bermuda Triangle in Space and the aliens there who decided to wipe out all space-going Terrans and confine them to their own planet. It's a very nasty and clever idea with a very long implementation time which shows an interestingly alien point of view.
How was the plague passed though? Not through air circulation as Blake thought, because Vila and Avon would have died too. I think it's touch. Zombie Wardin touches Wiler when it strangles him, then the three observers rush in and two of them touch Wiler. Gambrill doesn't, but later he tries to stop Tak and others spreading the contagion. Perhaps Bellfriar got it from touching the test tubes.

An excellent and still chilling episode; pity about the Fosforoners' costumes.

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