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I’ve just been reading Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters and I can’t help but wonder whether the Fool, AKA Verence II, is based on Vila. OK, I know that Pratchett despised B7 but maybe he once saw The Keeper and decided to use Vila’s Fool as a character. After all:

  • The Fool is a clever man pretending not to be
  • He has “a face like a spaniel that’s just been kicked”.
  • He’s of a nervous disposition
  • When Magrat really looked at him, she realised that the Fool was not a little man. He was at least of average height but he made himself small, by hunching his shoulders, bandying his legs, and walking in a half-crouch…
I suppose it’s just coincidence, but he talks rather like Vila too--but then, so does Rincewind.
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