Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Bull-fighter Florrie

One of the passengers on the steamboat lake cruise yesterday was an old lady of 91 who thoroughly enjoyed herself. I realized I was in the presence of a local celebrity when one of her companions mentioned that she had once fought a bull. She was Florrie of one of my favourite animated shorts, Pearl, Florrie, and the Bull which was the true story of 80-year-old twin sisters Pearl and Florrie who encountered an enraged bull on a country walk. Pearl was tossed, and Florrie grabbed it by the horns, threw her body over its face, and was carried for about 20 minutes while it tried to toss her off. Pearl ran for help and Florrie was rescued by a Maori boy armed with a broom. The twins both had broken arms in the same place but recovered well from them. Sadly, Florrie told us that Pearl died three years ago. I think Florrie was amazed that we’d seen this cult film (which won film festival awards), and afterwards I saw some of the overseas tourists having photos taken with her. Bless.

As for today, we drove right round Lake Taupo to see some lovely lake and volcano views.

Tags: films, holiday
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