Nico (vilakins) wrote,


It's too choppy to go out on the lake as we'd hoped (maybe tomorrow; the steamboat only runs on weekends) and we can't drive round the lake today either as there's a relay race on those roads. So I'm sitting in a kebab house waiting for my felafel.

We went to the Aratiatia Dam the other day for the opening of the pentstocks and the resulting rapids--wouldn't mind doing that again--and yesterday it was the museum. They have a cabinet full of the painstakingly revealed skeletons of leaves, flowers, and fruit done by a Victorian lady for the 1850 or 1851 exhibition. So delicate and strange.

Bad: we have no hot water. I hope they fix it today.

Good: The adorable Birman cat who visited us last year turned up again and was so affectionate and cute I was sorry to put her out when we left. I'm pretty sure she'll come back for more cuddles. Yes, I got photos. :-)

Tags: holiday
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