Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Hot water, falls, and fluffballs on the water

We went to a hot water beach about 2kms along the lake shore where there's geothermal heat coming up under the pebbly sand so that when your feet sink into it, it's hot. As you wade in, you get distinct warm and cold layers of water which is a very strange feeling.

Then we went to the basin near the source of the mighty Waikato river where we found two black swans with seven fluffy creamy cygnets. Soooo cute, like water-borne kittens! Yes, I got photos!

After lunch we went to Huka Falls which, if not high, were impressive with huge amounts of pale turquoise water thundering over them.

Tonight it's a meal out at an excellent local restaurant followed by SGA probably. Last night we saw Lost. Ooh, intriguing! Oh and the other day we saw three John Locke transports in a row. Full of cardboard boxes to pack Dharma ranch dressing in for the next food drop perhaps?

To my Facebook friends: I won't have flash till I get home so there will be no play of any sort till then.

Tags: holiday
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