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Napier and other stuff

We went to Napier today and I took more pictures of Art Deco, Spanish Mission, and Stripped Classic buildings than you can shake a stick at. It was two hours drive each way on often windy single-lane roads with the occasional passing lane, and I'm knackered. esp after two hours wandering around in the heat and humidity on the walking tour. But it was amazing and I also bought some gorgeous Art Deco stuff in the shop. We've been watching our Jeeves and Wooster DVDs and wow, did they get the Art Deco right with all the ziggurats round the doors in Bertie's flat etc. I love that series.

[Edit:] I should add that Napier was destroyed in an earthquake and subsequent fire in the 30s which is why it's full of beautiful 30s architecture.

Why am I posting when I'm so tired? Because Greg has to do some stuff for his work so I'm here in the internet cafe while he does.

Other purchases so far include DVDs of Babylon 5:The Lost Tales and Ladyhawk. Oh and we went to see Death at a Funeral yesterday when it was raining: Alan Tudyk was brilliant as an English guy on hallucinogens. It was a blackly funny film with a great cast: I gladly rec it.

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