Nico (vilakins) wrote,

From an internet cafe

We had a good trip down yesterday, though I arrived tired out after all that driving. We stopped for lunch in Cambridge, in a cafe in a converted church, and there were two amazing vintage Packards in the carpark, a 1929 and a 1933. Beautiful, gorgeous, glistening, and absolutely perfectly restored. I took photos. On the way we also saw a yellow Lotus like the one the Prisoner drove which delighted Greg, esp since we're staying at The Village.

Which charges obscene amounts for internet wireless--which keeps dropping out anyway--so I'll be calling in at this internet cafe every day or so. Sigh. Therefore there will not be many posts from me, and probably no Scrabulous or other Facebook games unless I have any time left over after I've done my e-mail and flist.

The weather's lovely though: sunny but not that humid, and I'm just taking it easy as I wind down.

We go to Napier on Monday because Greg's going to a Microsoft conference while I will wander round admiring the 30s Art Deco buildings the town is famous for.

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