Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Pressure Point (205)

Oh no, they killed Gan!

I get so angry with Blake, the manipulative bastard, in this ep, I yell at the screen. He lies to the crew before they've even teleported. "All right, I didn't expect you to welcome the idea. That's why I misled you just a little." Oh yes, way to respect your crew, Blake.
Then he says, "All right, if it looks as if we have less than an even chance, I promise I'll call the whole thing off." Yeah, right. First the signal is late but he goes ahead, then he teleports a mile away--a mile!--and blithely says everything's fine without even moving from his spot in the woods, then he lies through his teeth about Kasabi's absence. This is the beginning of his ruthless obsession with his cause at all costs.

Gan is so kind and gentle with Veron. Fie on those idiots who think he's a psychopath. Sadly, this ep probably gives him more to do and say than any other. [hugs Gan]

As this is a Terry Nation ep, Vila is nervous but brave enough to volunteer with the others, and though he complains he doesn’t feel well, it's all words--he goes and is a Very Useful Thief. He also gets some great lines. And his worst costume of the series. What were they thinking?

Avon knows perfectly well that Blake is being evasive and that things are not all right at all; why in that case does he teleport anyway; he wants the Liberator that much? I half-expected him to call Blake on that, but he doesn't. He's remarkably forbearing when Blake deserved a lot less.
[Edit] Ah yes, the red lobster suit. Greg said it made him look like a Goauld in head and shoulder shots. Avon would make a good Goauld. (And no, I can't be bothered finding out where the stupid apostrophe goes.)

I don't know why people say that Terry Nation can't write. Once again we have great characters (both crew and otherwise) . We learn a lot about Kasabi, her ideals, and her strength in a short time on screen, and quite a lot about Servalan too.
Even Arle and Berg are well-drawn even though they don’t last long.

OK, he's the weak link here. He's petulant and rude to Servalan, and I can't believe she takes it from a subordinate. The bit where they almost scrap like kids makes me laugh though. I'm not sure what's wrong here: Croucher's portrayal or the dialogue he's given. I suspect the former as an actor's delivery can completely change the effect of lines.

An excellent ep, and one which really gets the season 2 Central Control arc moving.

Yay, up to date (for a while anyway). I'm going on holiday tomorrow for two weeks, but I may get round to watching and posting when I'm away depending on time and inclination.
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