Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Fancy dress

I went to the fancy dress party last night, dressed as Hypatia of Alexandria (as was suggested by several people), carrying a scroll with a B7 essay in the Symbol font on it--and only one person knew who Hypatia was. :-( I suspect I looked a lot more frivolous than she did, but hey.

Here I am just before we left home. kerravonsen has, I think, seen the wig. Recognise the necklace, snowgrouse? :-)

Everything I have on is mine (wig, 'goddess' dress, necklace and other jewellery, sandals). The dress is ankle-length and has panels on it which drape in Greek-like folds. People at the party kept telling me I should grow and wear my hair like that all the time. Nice idea, but I had it long a few years ago. It's just vaguely wavy when left to itself, not all crimped like the wig,and I think that's the flattering part of it. Really, it looks better short. I have however been tempted to wear the wig out.

The party was great, apart from being so I had to cool down before I went to bed. The costumes were fun, though only about three of us seemed to have picked someone we admired, and included:

  • Wilma and Fred Flintstone
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • two Roman emperors
  • a Morticia Addams who was so tall and thin she, as Greg said, looked disturbingly like a wraith
  • Charlie Chaplin
  • a tiger (in a suit with just the ears , a striped bow tie, and a jaunty tail)
  • an Enterprise crew member (a yellow, not a red shirt)
  • two 20s flappers
  • three Dame Edna Everidges and one Les Patterson (don't worry if you don't know who these Australian icons are)
  • a friend in Emily Drumm's cricket uniform complete with team signature (this friend's mother was buried two years ago in an All Black uniform)
Tags: photos, real life
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