Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Horizon (204)

Space politics! Plus space crises and Space Security!

And space stress
Blake has a headache, Vila has stomach cramps, and Avon has back pain. What about Gan, Jenna, and Cally? Are they handling it better? Did the poor things get a holiday after this?

It's a small galaxy
Space is big. Really big. How on earth did they just happen to encounter the freighter (which seems to be the same model as the London)? Does Zen get lonely?

Sudden darts
Sorry, Vila, but I laughed when you went "Ergh!" and fell down because that bit's so funny in the Monty Python meets B7 vid. It took two to fell Gan. Go, Gan (but not for much longer). :-(

Vila was wearing a very nice understated yellow or deep cream shirt; such a pity he loses it on Horizon. Not that I'm complaining about seeing him and Blake without their shirts. ;-) Cally obviously ditches hers after it got dirty (and not before time) but Jenna's appears again in the next ep. I can't believe the gauze survived the mine; she must have had more, and either got the monopasium out of the white bodysuit or had another one.
Ro and Selma's costumes at the end get my vote for best though. They're exotic and Aztec-looking and much more suited to the characters than Coser and Rashel's were.

I don't hold much hope for the inhabitants of Silmareno / Horizon. Ro might stand up to the Kommissar at the end and shoot him, but he really only does so because he hurt Selma and is revealed to have killed his father. Until then though, he was not very bothered by the Federation turning his people into slaves with very short life-spans, or even Selma being one of them, really. I'm also a little puzzled that he didn’t go back to the original name for the planet since in many ways he has returned to the past.

I think she'll be the power behind the throne; the true ruler.. She's tougher and more principled than Ro, and while it looks arrogant when she stalks through the slaves to get the first helping of food, she does give it to Jenna. I hope she has more empathy with the people than Ro, though that mightn't be hard.

Cally can't read non-telepathic minds according to 'Time Squad'; so perhaps the Kommissar is slightly telepathic. But then, Cally's backstory is a total mess that can't be fixed.

I enjoyed this ep very much: it has excellent guest characters and an interesting plot.

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