Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Inducements

Written for a recent b7friday topic of drugs, 340 words set in season 3.


"I'm not going." Vila folded his arms and glowered at them. "Nothing you can say would get me down there." Not when the place was crawling with troopers and his only function would be to get shot at (or worse if you left off the last bit) or just get in the way like the spare part they all thought he was. And it was true since they'd taken the weapons station off him and they never seemed to want a thief. "You don't need me," he said bitterly, meaning it in a wider sense than just fetching this doohickey or thingamajig or whatever it was Avon was after.

Avon just looked at him.

"It'll be exciting!" Dayna rubbed her hands.

"Yeah. That's what I'm worried about."

Dayna rolled her eyes. "Oh all right. "You can have a bottle of wine when you get back."

Vila didn't even look at her. "No." Sod that. He could have wine any time he wanted, and without anyone's permission. Or the brandy Avon didn't know he knew about for that matter.

"It is for the cause, Vila," said Cally.

"Not mine though, is it? You lot don't even treat me as if I'm human, let alone equal. Fat chance everyone else'll have come the revolution."

Cally considered this and sighed. "Then what about some adrenaline and soma?"

"Not worth it." And it wasn't. It was all right for stress but lacked a bit in the cheering-up department when a fellow was down.

Tarrant got up and leaned over Vila, but paused when he saw the warning look on Avon's face. "How about a few of my vids?" he said, trying for persuasively. "What you call tunic-rippers?"

"Ah yes," said Avon. "The opiate of the simple-minded."

"Seen too many of those," said Vila. "There're only five plots."

"The device," Avon said casually, "is kept in a safe."

"Oh?" Vila turned to look at him.

"The Panzerschrank 7000."

"The 7000! I didn't realise that was out!" Vila stood up. "Right. I'll get my tools."

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