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Weapon (203)

The one with the clone, Carnell... and the collars.

What were they thinking? Coser is a beta-grade technician, not the ruler of an exotic planet. He should have been in something dull and utilitarian, not a flamboyant outfit encrusted with semi-precious gems. Rashel is a bond slave and she too has a killer collar which surely made the menial tasks I assume she did somewhat difficult--unless she was Coser's possession and her duties more--- recreational as Avon would say. Perhaps Coser's outfit was something he wore when he had fantasies about his own importance.
The theme is continued: Clonemaster Fen has a towering collar (which I could accept for her) and Servalan has rather a nice lacy one.
Vila's plain black shirt suits him (pity we never see it again), and hey, it's the first appearance of the red lobster suit for Avon!

IMIPAK is an inventive and chilling idea. I do wonder though how long the effect lasts. Surely not a lifetime as Coser says when everyone's cells get replaced constantly so that after 7 years (I think) we're made anew.

Not well thought out
I find it unlikely to say the least that Clonemaster Fen would know what Blake's wearing on the Liberator, but the clones are wearing the same outfit.
Much worse however is the pause Blake, Gan, and Avon all make in open view so that Travis can zap them with IMIPAK. Firstly it's stupid for each one to pause in the open like that, and secondly, how come they couldn't see Travis if he could see them? They all stand obligingly there and look his way.
Also rather odd is the clone calling to Coser, then asking who he is.
CLONE 2: [O.O.V.] Coser. [Enters] I am not armed.
COSER: I know you. You're Blake. Blake!
CLONE 2: Thank you, but I know I am. Who are you?
Perhaps he was thrown by Rashel's presence and thought they were someone else?

The choir of angels when the Clonemaster descends the stairs amused me greatly, but she does explain it's a mood room and I suppose it reacted to her stagy, dramatic entrance. :-) I love that Servalan tries to do the same to her office afterwards with the colour changes.
PD however was even more stagy in this ep. He out-hammed everyone with hs deliberate and carefully enunciated delivery.

Speaking of Avon, what the hell was the "Justify stupid" bit about? People quote it but it doesn't make sense. He fires it at Vila with such triumph too. Did he really mean "Define 'stupid'"?

Rashel is a wonderful character. She is intelligent, brave, and would take charge very capably if Coser weren't such a snob. He talks about freeing her, but then continues to treat her as a slave; I notice that after he says he's set her free, she has to follow him, carrying his bags. It's a pity she speaks like an Alpha born and bred, but that's only a small niggle.
There's an interesting parallel to the way Coser speaks to her in the way the Liberator crew talk to Vila, a free citizen.

A large one is freedom: Rashel's, freedom from grade strictures and expectations, and freedom from the threat of IMIPAK as Rashel says at the end: "We must get a message to Blake, and tell him he's free too."
Another is the unpredictability of events and people. Even Carnell didn't get the timing of Coser's breakdown right, he didn't take Rashel into account because he didn't know about her, and Servalan ignored her and the clone, and got marked too.
Which brings us to my favourite: just how much a seemingly unimportant person like Rashel can matter and change things. She had never been free, but she shows independence of thought, courage, and intelligence, and she confounds all of the Federation's plans. I love Rashel.

Quite a good episode--not one of my favourites, but Rashel and the delectable Carnell and his eyelashes are among my favourite guest characters.

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