Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Assorted photos

And on a more cheerful note, photos of a flower, palm trees, a happy couple, and our nephew Ari.

A self-sown agapanthus in my garden. I have lots of these, but this one is new and small.

Palm trees at the Ellerslie race course where the wedding I went to on Friday was celebrated in one of their function rooms.

Greg's cousin Michael and his new wife Liz. The wedding went very well, the food was excellent, and the company fun. Pity the aircon which I'd been looking forward to just couldn't cope with this record-breaking summer. :-P

Greg's nephew Ari who was more interested in his 'bling' than anything happening at the wedding. He's such an adorable kid. We gave him a kite that looks like a biplane, propeller and all, and took him to the park on Sunday to fly it. And Greg left the camera behind. :-(

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