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Farewell Sir Ed

I didn't get much work done today because, like many businesses around the country, we stopped work and watched Sir Edmund Hillary's state funeral on TV. Afterwards, Greg turned up at my office and we both went to stand on Remuera Road to farewell Sir Ed as the cortege passed.

People lined the streets to farewell Sir Ed as he was taken to Purewa Cemetery for a private cremation.

As Sir Ed passed, people spontaneously applauded. The flowers on the lead hearse (which contained the wreaths and flowers) were thrown by the public. Sir Ed was in the second hearse; I could see the coffin covered in the flag and the yellow Nepalese prayer shawls.

There were a lot more people in the shopping centres like Newmarket and Remuera, but this was very impressive for a suburban street corner. The funeral was long but a fitting tribute, and the students from Edmund Hillary school performed a haka written just for the occasion. Very moving.

He will be greatly missed by a country that has all too little to celebrate these days.

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