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At work, we rip stamps off incoming mail and put them in a plastic container and when it's full, one of us sends them to a charity which sells them. I do it because they have to be sorted into NZ and foreign first, and I save the more unusual overseas ones for a collector friend, and take a handful of interesting ones home. I don't feel guilty because it's less than 5% of what we send away, and besides, the person at the charity they go to told me that they're sold in bulk by weight.

Anyway. I brought five home, and have scanned three I thought might interest people. (The other two were a small yacht like the one I used to sail, and Scott Base in the Antarctic for Greg.)

From left to right:

  • A British one showing a nebula and two star clusters--first time I've seen an astronomy stamp
  • A NZ one showing our No Nukes policy. It says "No nukes are good nukes', and I especially like the mushroom cloud being partially a tree. The legislation was passed in 1987 and as well as prohibiting nuclear power here, also bans US and other ships which are nuclear powered or carrying nukes. Proof that we're part of a free world which is not led by Bush (an oxymoron if it were, surely?)
  • A Swiss stamp which sadly didn't come out well: the silver printing scanned in as black. It says:
    The Final Problem
    Arthur Conan Doyle
    then Helvetia and the amount. I'm disappointed it didn't come out very well.
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