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Orac (113)

I just realised that I never posted this here, because I usually do so when I post my review of the next episode on the Lyst mailing list--and that's been in hiatus for the holidays.

Avon is not a goldfish
B7 might have led the way with story arcs, but they didn't trust their viewers to remember what happened last week. The only reason I can think of that Avon didn't fire both snark barrels at Blake or just get up and walk out when Blake forced him to sit and watch a recap of last week's episode--complete with recording of them down on the planet which Zen cannot possibly have got--is that, as someone else pointed out, he was Not A Well Man.

Poor irradiated woobies
I feel so sorry for them in this episode, pale, weakened, nauseous, and dealing with it as best they can: Avon trying to ignore it; Gan seeking out company; Jenna distracting herself on the flight deck, competent to the approaching end; and Vila in his cabin trying to pretend he was really all right. Poor Vila in particular, losing his last meal, being made to get up by Avon, opening a door into his own face (especially galling for a master thief) and on top of all that, getting his foot wet. Awwww.

Mind you, that water couldn't have been all that acidic.

Flying gadget
I wish they'd brought that versatile little flying extension of Orac back with them to give to Avon as a pet as Cally suggested. It's a nice retro design, but I suppose the first thing he'd have done is take it apart in a fit of destructive analysis--then filled the ship with copies. Rather than put up with flying extensions to Orac, I suspect the crew would have used them as floating targets a la Luke Skywalker.

Pets of other kinds
I really hate watching Ensor blithely watering his plants and feeding his fish their last meal. OK, I suppose he thought he'd only be away long enough to have a quick op, but I do wish someone had thought to come back for them. I keep hoping they did and put the plants and fish tank in the rec room, though I bet if they brought that metal bird back, it ended up spaced or turned violently into spare parts.

There's a cut scene on the DVD in which a phibian mourns its mate after Travis shoots it. They should have kept it in; I don't think those creatures were as dangerous as they assumed--Ensor didn't think so. Perhaps they were just curious.

OK, it's foresight (ha!) but I just don't think Orac was worth his price in money or lives. He does seem more, well, human here, wondering if it was ethical to warn the intruders about the Phibians (perhaps not to shoot the poor bastards) but that doesn't last long. His name and the final scene imply that his main function was prediction. I'm betting the writers decided that was too much advantage for our guys so they made Orac such a bastard he was almost unusable.

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