Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Voyage of the Damned

I've read one review already, but I suppose I should post before I read more.

Sorry to all the DW fans on my flist, but the special left a bad taste in my mouth. Greg liked it, but then he enjoys disaster films and docos.

I wasn't keen on watching anyway because it was the Titanic, and I was unreasonably (and wrongly) pleased to see it was a spaceship. After that, it was too predictable. I could tell straight away that rich bastard would survive just to piss the viewers off, that Foon would die because her husband had, and that Max was the baddie (though I thought it was for insurance). I didn't see Astrid, Copper, RTD's latest Mary Sue (anagram of TARDIS), biting the [star]dust though. He could have let her take the cyber thingy down with her because that would have killed Max. The Doctor could have given her a fast tour of the universe and dropped her off somewhere. Or at least left her in the well. As it was, it was really rather sickeningly soppy.

It's obvious (esp from the body count) that RTD has watched B7--perhaps too much--but teleport bracelets, 'Information', and a Travis well were not enough to cheer me up for more than a brief time. I did rather like London being deserted, the ascent with angels for sheer corniness (Superman fists!), the Queen in her dressing gown with corgis, and the midshipman was utterly lovely, as was Banakafalata (which I've probably spelled wrong). I was pleased he survived. The fun bits didn't seem part of such a bleak show though; just tacked on to not traumatise the kids too much.

I disliked the fat jokes deeply. Racism is no longer shown on TV (and a bloody good thing too) but it's still fine to laugh at fat people--and females for that metter--on screen and in RL. I hate you more than usual, Rusty, and that's an impressive feat.

I also spent a lot of time being pissed off at the illogic. OK, the Titanic and the crew's uniforms etc were a copy of the original down to the four funnels, but how come almost everyone was human--and had human names like Astrid, Alonzo, von Holt, Max Capricorn--when Earth was a primitive planet for tourists to cruise by? How come Alonzo could hardly stand after being shot but seemed unharmed later? I hate illogic in a story.

I'm pleased Copper got to live on Earth, but what amounts to a tinkly bit doesn't make up for the cynicism of the rest, and it's pretty bad if I cling to one for consolation.

Bah humbug.

I shall continue to watch DW because there have been some wonderful episodes from other writers and I have a slim hope that Donna won't go shmoopy. Just piss off already, Rusty, and leave it to others.
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