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Fireworks and the best private dining ever

Awww, I have virtual fireworks from kalinda001! And a card from zoefruitcake. :-)

And now here are photos I took of two private dining rooms at the restaurant we went to on Thursday night for Greg's work do, Kermadec. We were in the main restaurant, right by the floor-to-ceiling windows with a view over the viaduct harbour, but these two rooms off to the side on the way in are the coolest I've seen.

Eating with the fishes

You go across the stepping stones and there are goldfish in the water! Through the doorway to the right is the Zen Room.

Zen and the art of dining

Yep, this one has a Zen garden, also with stepping stones. It was hard to fit much in because of the position of the doorway. But how cool are those?

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