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Mixed bag, mostly good

We had a brown-out this morning while I was trying to boil and egg and make toast, and I thought: "Here we go again." Last Christmas our fridge died, and one new year our washing machine blew up (well, there was a lot of smoke). I thought the wiring here had gone. We were getting about 80 volts instead of 240 and now I know why it's a brown-out: I turned the lights on to test them and they were a strange amber. It was an area line fault and they fixed it so here I am back on the interwebs, yay.

And I have booked two weeks in Taupo in February, double-yay. Due to work, I could only go away in the first three of Feb or the first two of April, so I'm very relieved I managed to get something.

I'm about to go out to Greg's end-of-year work, and I'm slumped limp in front of the fan waiting for him to pick me up. I hope the restaurant has aircon. We had our staff lunch today at Greenfingers (they must be like buses), and my Thai chicken salad was so yummy, I'm going back there with Greg during the holidays.

And when I come home tomorrow, it will be the start of two weeks holiday. Can't wait!

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