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"Burgerfuel: because life is too short to eat bad burgers!"

I'm not normally that keen on burgers, but we tried out Burgerfuel, a NZ chain which just opened a franchise in the next suburb. And I'm impressed. I had a fish burger which had a real fish fillet in it--yum! I'm trying one of their vege ones (which include vegan burgers) next time: the Combustible. :-) They also do gluten-free buns and say they're the first chain here to do so. The poster advertising that matched their 60s car theme and had a very young Simon and Garfunkel and the words (as far as I remember):

Oh ce-celiac, you're breaking our hearts
we're baking our buns for you daily.
Oh, ce-celiac, we're down on our knees,
we're begging you please to come back.
I'm not a celiac, but I'll certainly go back.
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