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Good and bad and B7 cards

It took me two hours to get home. One hour was spent getting the repeat prescription of steroids and antibiotics I rang my doctor for this morning and which he promised to fax to the pharmacy. He didn't. So I had to go to the clinic, which was so hot I felt ill and had to sit outside, and wait for an hour for the damned thing--and then he forgot to put the steroids on it so I had to send it back in. Sigh.

The supermarket was mercifully free of American songs about winter and I now have milk, eggs, cat food, and stamps for the B7 card I haven't got round to making yet. I think I'll draw this one because it'll be easier than doing a manip.

So if any B7 fan whose address I don't have wants one, add your address to this post. I'll screen the comments by default and unscreen any ordinary ones.

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