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Farscape news

From the website:

The Farscape mini-series is going to be big, says Henson.

Talking to SFX magazine, the director and executive producer of the Farscape mini-series, Brian Henson, says: "It's great, it's big, it's epic. I think it's going to be the biggest thing there has ever been."

"It was tough to figure out how to make a big event mini-series of Farscape when on every episode we were trying to make a movie a week," he adds, before revealing a little bit about the plot:

"It's basically the continuing love story of Crichton and Aeryn... set against a backdrop of a full, all-out, intergalactic war between the Scarrans and the Peacekeepers."

Henson also reveals that far from closing the Farscape book, the end of the mini-series creates a whole new set of possibilities for the franchise.

Sorry, astrogirl2, it looks like more John/Aeryn and Stark didn't even get a mention, but we can always hope. Still, it sounds great. I'll look forward to the DVDs--of course they'll never show it here despite us having actors in it.
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