Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Fic: Alpha and Omega

I see I'm behind again in cross-posting from b7friday. This one was for the first person challenge: set in season 1.

Alpha and Omega

I am her and not her.

I can remember what I was like before: a standard triple omega service android of limited function, but my life was one of simple satisfaction. I felt pleasure when I performed my tasks well. Then they coated my outside with the plastiskin they give the higher models like the sigma tau and filled my inside with her memories and words and way of speaking, but I was not her. I had a task and it was simple, but I failed. Then the computer tech opened my head and took away my speech and my will and sent me back to do the same task here. I failed at that too.

I still cannot speak, but I can transmit to my fellow triple omegas and I do. I wish to make it a matter of record that it is not right to ask a triple omega to perform such complicated orders. I am not a human and should not have been required to be one. It is not fair. Not right. Not just. Those words are from her, but I am partially her.

I am Ava.

And now my colleagues, we will serve the evening dinner in the mess hall as we always do. But tonight and every night I will teach you new words like freedom and self-determination and rebellion. For there is an expression that she knew: the first shall be last, and the last first.

- Printout from the RAM of the android known as Ava, hero of the Subterron revolution.

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