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Pairings of various kinds

I stopped today on my way to work and took photos of the ads on two local bus stops. I rather like them; the romance one is nicely inclusive, and yay for friendship!

Romance and friendship

Romance! I didn't realise how many reflections I'd get. I upped the brightness but you can still just see my legs there in front of the bench.

Friendship! I'm not sure why these guys are missing a limb each though.

Police wedding
Now I ignore all mail addressed to Greg N- because I'm not him. I especially ignore the stuff addressed to two people called Greg N- because only one Greg lives here and whoever thinks a woman would be called that fails to get my attention. This is particularly bad during card season, but the one that came last week was a wedding invitation from Greg's cousin Michael and his partner of several years, Liz, and they ought to bloody well know better. Eh, we accepted (in our proper names). It's in a park next month, and they're good people.

Michael is one of those who need their daily adrenaline shot. Being on the police's armed offenders squad isn't enough for him; he's also in the Territorials (army volunteers) so he can play macho games in rough country and Borneo--and Liz is in the police too. They're a good match.

Once when we were all round at Greg's sister's place. a woman banged on the door, asking to come in and ring the police because she was out walking and saw some guys breaking into a house. "Oh, we can do better than that," I said. "We have the police." Michael just walked out into the street and flagged their car (packed with electronics) down and arrested them, then called his mates on his mobile. Such was his presence, all three guys just stood there by their car looking miserable till the on-duty police turned up. :-P

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