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DVD purchases

While out to get lunch and food (for cats and humans) today, we bought two DVDs.

Captain's Log - another Star Trek fan collective. The previous one was time travel stories; this one has a captain's (well, actor's) pick for each series, and several other eps picked by fans. It's a nice way to buy Star Trek DVDs as they're good selections and there's too much canon for me to afford--and watch--otherwise.

Alec Guinness Comedy Collection - some of my favourites: "Kind Hearts and Coronets" (which I've been wanting to see again for years), "The Man in the White Suit" (doodlebugs!), "The Lavender Hill Mob" (which I so loved as a kid), and "The Ladykillers" (seen just last year, but hey).

Oh and Blake's Junction 7 is coming out on DVD in 6 weeks, as noted on blakes7. I've already pre-ordered it. [bounce]

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