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Bounty (111)

I'm not sure how much the weekly watch-and-discuss is doing to keep the Lyst alive, because I get more response here when I post them a week later. But hey, it's a good excuse to see B7 again.

This one has two plots--the Sarkoff and the Amagon one-- but it still manages to be a bit slow for my taste. It does however have some great scenes.

Scenic delights
Cally goes all kick-arse guerrilla in her leopard-skin coat (pity about the high heels)--and uses her telepathy! She really looks quite feral at times: a lean and hungry predator. It's such a pity we didn't see much more of this side of her, or her telepathy being put to effective use; such a waste.
Gan is willing to die for the crew. Yes, he expects them to fire if it's a trap. This guy so isn't a psychopath.
Then there's Vila's monologue when he realises that it's not Gan and can't raise anyone on the comms: I love his panic and his final decision to make his personal investigation with a Liberator handgun (and the final little hesitation before he heads off determinedly). I presume he was simply knocked out with the sonovapour or whatever it was.
I also liked the scenes with Vila trying to take off Blake's collar (ignoring that it was hanging loose in shot), Blake's comments, Vila taking his chance to tell Avon to shut up, Avon's amused smile as he turns away, and Vila's surprise that Avon did in fact manage to open the door. Poor Vila though: I wonder how he got his own collar off. By looking in a mirror as I had him do in Vila Restal's E-mails?

Jenna rocks in this. As always, she is cool, capable, and matter-of-fact, and I'm disappointed that the others don't pick up that she hasn't changed sides when she steps over the pile of handcuffs and doesn't let on about them. That must have hurt; even Cally believes she's betrayed them.
Jenna and Blake's exchange from the planet shows a certain fondness and trust between them, and Blake does say that he doesn't quite believe it.
Cally and Jenna really do seem to be friends as they exchange an understanding smirk about Tyce and Blake. I like that: it's subtly shown (in several episodes) and I'm very glad they didn't go with Jenna's initial hostility at the end of 'Time Squad'.

Tyce and Sarkoff
I like Tyce (who is played by the strangely geographically named Carinthia West). She's tough and intelligent and would probably make a much better leader than Sarkoff, though Sarkoff looks the part; he has that senior pol gravitas.
I know they're trying to make the viewer think that Tyce is Sarkoff's personal bodyguard and perhaps mistress, but it jars that she calls him 'Sarkoff'. Why would a daughter do that? Perhaps she's doing it for Blake's benefit but I don't see why. She does call him 'father' near the end; perhaps she was distancing herself when he was still playing the rejected martyr.
It seems a bit counter-productive for the Federation call their method of acquiring another planet the Lindor Strategy. They run the risk of the name getting out and blowing their whole game--as indeed happened.

The bounty
It's 13 million credits for the crew and the Liberator, and 12 without Jenna. I infer then that the crew rate a million each and the ship the remaining 7 (which makes sense given its superiority to everything else in the galaxy) but of course Blake might have a higher price on his head.
I also bet that Tarvin wouldn't have lived to collect it.

The Auronar
It's a bit thoughtless of Blake to rub it in to Cally that she failed and therefore can't return home--no, in fact it's bloody rude. So Lehan couldn't go home either, but will be able to if Sarkoff agrees an alliance; a society that won't forgive failure would be a hard one to live in. Such a pity that season 3 contradicts this with its Auronar isolationist policy and Cally being exiled for being a rebel, not failing to be a successful one. I wish they'd had at least a basic series bible.

Not one of my favourites but it has some fun scenes and some very witty lines, especially among the crew.
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