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Necklace and earrings for my sister

I suddenly realised it's my sister's birthday next weekend and that I needed to make up the necklace and earrings I've had the bits for since months ago.

Very simple and quick to do. I don't think it scanned that well because of the reflections and glitter. The necklace has a piece of dichroic glass I bought a while back (the most expensive part), crimped to keep it in place so the catch doesn't work its way round to the front; I hate that. I decided to make her two pairs of earrings (not dichroic; some other glittery glass) which will bring out the teal and pink respectively in the glass. The pendant should hang just at her throat, but if she wants a different length, I now have the skills and tools to redo it easily enough.

Now I just need to wrap them up carefully and post them to her.

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