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Project Avalon (109)

Apart from the inside of the Avalon android's head and the gratuitous exposure of the original one's body, this is a very good and enjoyable episode.

I love Vila turning his suit heating up all the way and gasping in pain, the way Avon and Cally watch in bemusement as he tries to delay leaving, and the wonderful smile Avon has after he teleports Vila. He's genuinely amused, and Cally's amused at his reaction. And Vila's "I have a weak chest" (awww) gets quoted a lot around this house when I have a cough (as I do right now).
Avon gets some good lines when he declines Blake's offer to accompany him:

AVON: Another idealist, poor but honest. I shall look forward to our meeting with eager anticipation.
BLAKE: Is your anticipation eager enough to come down there with me?
AVON: Not quite. I think I shall contain my enthusiasm here in the warm.
I assume Jenna goes with Blake because she's met Avalon before, though I note that the original script had Cally going. Jenna has obviously taught Cally well, and they seem to have patched up their initial differences and become friends.
I like that Blake tells Chevner that Vila knows his job--he's proud of his crew--and how he tells Vila he'll applaud him later.
Slightly OOC: Blake breaking the trooper's neck (a bit on the nose for an ostensible family program) and Vila's tough act when he and Blake acquire their tour guide.

Avalon seems very young--and uncharismatic--for someone with her history of successful rebellion.
Poor Chevner, that dead red herring. I asked Greg who he thought was the plant, and he was sure it was Chevner.
What is Travis doing with his handheld? Playing games? It looks a bit like it when he waves the mutoid away from the screen which shows a lot of circular objects. Space invaders!
The mutoid seems as intelligent as Keera, and is probably also an officer. However the ones she calls into the caves react like robots she has to direct: proceed straight ahead; stop; turn right; proceed. And of course her understandable resemblance to Soolin has given rise to a lot of fanfic.
Is Chevner a Subterron, as is implied when he says he worked on the building of the base? My first impression was that they'd be aliens.
One of the prisoners was called Raiker, in cell N15. A relative, perhaps? A result of the Federation's policy of punishing offenders' families? I wonder what the others were in for. Pelar looked tougher and much more the rebel than Avalon.

It's a clever story and we do get clues in hindsight: "The standard triple omega should provide a perfect basis." and "You've drawn your new weapon from the armoury, I see."
Greg thought 'Duel' was the best so far, but said afterwards that this one was as good as 'Duel'. I still think 'Seek-Locate-Destroy' is the best of the season, but 'Project Avalon' is pretty good.
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