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Downunder and safe

I'm back home after over two weeks away. In familiar surroundings it all seems rather unreal now and I'm feeling a bit sad because it's so far to go I don't know when I'll ever get back again.

I'm knackered after a 12-hour flight followed by a 10-hour one and I'm besieged by cats desperate to make up for 19 days in the cattery so I'll write up what I did during the rest of my trip tomorrow.

In the meantime, some thoughts on airline cutlery.

We flew back with Malaysian Airlines via Kuala Lumpur where we had a three hour stopover, long enough for me to buy two very lifelike segmented wooden snakes which wriggle realistically enough to unnerve Greg who hates them. I love snakes myself and would have had pet ones as a kid if it was allowed here. Must see how the cats react to them.

Anyway. Airline cutlery. Although between London and KL they only trust you with plastic stuff, between KL and Auckland they gave us plastic knives but metal spoons and forks, presumably under the assumption that knives are weapons and the others aren't. I considered this to the intermittent sound of knives snapping and small sharp plastic fragments flying as beef-eating passengers attempted to cut their steaks. The airlines obviously don't know about the eye-gouging capabilities of a spoon as wielded by Avon in B7 fanfic, nor have they met anyone like my friend Carla, the only one in my uni hostel not from out of town--her parents told her to leave home after she stabbed her sister in the arm at the dinner table with a fork. Hey, no wonder sporks have a bad rep.

Oddly enough, we actually got real metal knives to eat our breakfast noodles with before landing. I am somewhat puzzled.

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