Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Fic recs

I've been out all weekend so I haven't had much time to read the finish-a-thon stories until now.

Many of you will have already read astrogirl2's Scenes from a Blending (a lovely set of pieces on how Jacob and Selmak accommodate to each other) and kerravonsen's By Any Other Name (a "Parting of the Ways" AU, involving Rose, a pocket watch, and Romana, plus some excellent Jackie and Mickey), but I must also rec this SG1 story by an author most of you won't know; I didn't.

The Gray by kalquessa

She has the team's voices spot-on, and has written a fascinating story that feels like a real SG1 episode complete with an intriguing mystery and some lovely character touches, and is very moving. If you enjoy SG1, do read it. It's set in season 1 and has no spoilers.

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