Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Finish-a-thon story: Legacy

Yes! I finished my finish-a-thon story! Many thanks to astrogirl2 for her as ever excellent beta-reading and reassurance that it worked. :-D

Each writer provided a selection of unwritten stories for people to vote for, and for me they chose yet more PGP angst with Vila and Avon--and Cally.

Story: Legacy
Fandom: Blake's 7
Description: Vila is in a cell on Gauda Prime and not going anywhere--he thinks. He's ill, weak, and feverish, he has no tools to pick the lock and no will to do so anyway because he's given up on life as just being not worth the effort any more. Then Cally appears and she's real--in a rather strange way. Vila finds out there's more to himself than he knew, and Avon gets a second chance.
Type: Gen
Rating: PG13
And here it is:
Tags: ficathon stories
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