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Mission to Destiny (107)

Or as kerravonsen called it, 'Murder on the Ortega Express'. :-) I know a lot of people don't like this one because it's a mystery rather than SF, but I quite like it for the insights into various crewmembers' characters.

Blake is willing to drop everything and risk his (and his crew's) life to hare off to Destiny through a meteor storm. I note however that he first established that Destiny wasn't Federation; would it have made a difference if it was?
Cally nobly offers to be a hostage and Avon is suitably annoyed. I also love the way Avon smiles when Vila says he isn't awake: the first sign of their strange, snarky, "don't ever admit it" friendship.
Gan serves drinks to the crew; a nice touch of everyday life on the Lib.

Time distort
Rafford says, " Log entry one forty three. Flight time zero one zero, elapsed nine zero," which implies time distortion. It's not however enough to cover going at anywhere near light speed, but they'd have to be doing a *lot* more than light to be travelling to the edge of the galaxy. [shrugs]

Cleverness and stupidity
Avon figuring out the code, and Cally that the flight-deck ventilation was closed so that Rafford wasn't asleep and had to be killed are one; Blake not bothering to either open the box or to check that it was locked is the other.

Plot holes (and my theory about those)
Ah yes, great big gaping ones.
1) How did Sara stand the body up behind the door, and get Dortmunn up on that high shelf? She'd need an accomplice, wouldn't she?
2) Why was Sara happy to stay on the ship to meet her accomplices in the other ship when she didn't have the neutrotope? That would hardly have impressed them. I think it was someone she knew well enough that even without the neutrotope she'd still be picked up. In a story I wrote filling in all these plot points, it was her brother and a friend.
3) Kendall tells Blake, "It's impossible to open the safe without a molecular key and combination, and I'm the only one on the ship that has those." Surely, if it's the most valuable object in the galaxy, he puts the box back in the safe after he shows Blake the neutrotope, but he later tells Sara to get it. So he lied and she also knows the combination, or he deliberately left it out of the safe, or he left the safe unlocked. In any of those cases, he looks like her accomplice.

Actually I always find the number of people on the Ortega hard to keep track of and put names to faces. Levett stands out though and makes me want to know more about her. I liked the hints that she wasn't liked and that she really didn't give a damn about that; I get the impression that she's the most intelligent person on the ship and could rival Avon in cutting wit.

In general, a fairly enjoyable episode with some great crew moments and memorable quotes, but not a favourite.

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