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Mixed bag

So now I'm back at work and the weather's been glorious both days: sunny, summery, and still. Thanks, Auckland. Why didn't you deliver that last week? Never mind, I'm just grateful it only rained one day.

I went to the Kings Garden Centre after work today to buy a pot plant as a gift, and they have a resident cat. She came up to me and I gave her my hand to sniff before I stroked her and she was so impressed with my cat manners, she followed me round the place until I found a plant I to buy. :-)

There are only three more days to go till my finishathon story is due and this is the closest I've come to defaulting on a ficathon after more than two weeks of failing to write any of it. [worries] At last I know where it's going, but I'm not sure I have time to get there. Even if I take a shortcut, this one will probably not be beta-read. :-(

Tags: cats, ficathons, writing
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