Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Final lot of holiday picspam

Here's a selection of the other pictures I took this week (all well below 100KB).

I took kerravonsen to the airport this morning at a horrifyingly early hour. She was going to Melbourne, but others were going to...

...a certain city in Vanuatu. :-)

Yesterday we went to North Head in Devonport (the other side of the harbour). It was a lovely day, and the last of our holiday. :-(

Devonport Beach and the city from North Head

Devonport houses; mine is on the other side of the harbour, to the left.

The disappearing gun. Built to be used against a feared Russian invasion force in the 1880s, this gun recoiled back underground when fired. North Head is riddled with tunnels linking all the gun emplacements.

Old tree on North Head with Rangitoto in the background

And earlier in the week we were in Cornwall Park, where we had High Tea at the restaurant, and on the top of One (now None) Tree Hill. The pictures don't show it, but it was an extremely windy day.

The first blossom on this tree (or maybe just the surviving one in the wind)

A bird sheltering in a cleft in a wall.

Old tree and wall. We had wedding photos taken by these walls.

Looking towards Rangitoto from One Tree Hill. I'm amazed this picture came out considering I almost got blown over up there.

Trees and wall (across from the restaurant) with flowers

Wall flowers coz I'm very pleased at how well they came out

And finally, a plush dinosaur that kerravonsen bought at the Museum gift shop.

What a knowing look it has!

It was a fun week! I'm back at work tomorrow, sad to say, and I have only a few days to finish my neglected finishathon story. :-P
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