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Coolest site ever

OK, after the response to my previous post, I had a look and found the Unemployed Philosophers Guild which sells on line. You too can buy plush Darwins and finger puppets! There are other very cool things too.

  • 'Little Thinker' plushies - scroll down to see them all. Highlights are Jane Austen (for glitterboy1), Darwin, Einstein, Gandhi (the funniest), Sherlock Holmes (for spacefall), Frida Kahlo, Poe with a raven on his shoulder, Elizabeth I (for all those DV fans), Socrates, Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf. Click on them to see a larger picture and details.

  • Finger puppets sets! Yes, they sell those: artists, philosopher, writers, psychologists, revolutionaries, composers, and evil politicians.

  • Individual magnetic finger puppets - an incredible range of writers, scientists, and even minor deities. And there's another Sherlock Holmes one for spacefall too. What can I say; this site rivals the ThinkGeek one.
Check out the other links in the sidebar. They have mugs that change colour when you add a hot beverage, and some very cool and geeky ones. They have T-shirts (not many, but we do like the "Looking at Euclid" one, and the "Calvin and Hobbes" one: very clever indeed.

Ooh, and click around on the tags in Collections; you get anything related to that subject.

And reapermum, you can buy Racing Nuns at I also found some on eBay.

[Edit I am now cruising the ThinkGeek site and have found the 'meh' t-shirt one of the IT Crowd characters was wearing. I know at least one other person wanted one. I shall add it to my list for when I next buy from there.
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