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In the Gift Shop at the Museum

Yesterday, kerravonsen and I went to the Auckland Museum where we saw a doodlebug, a Spitfire, a torpedo, a gun bigger than Bayban's, three stained-glass windows with a military theme, a creepy gas mask, retro future furniture, a monster ammonite, a Maori cultural show, and some very bizarre gift items in the shop, most of them due to the current Darwin exhibition (I mean, plush Darwins!)

All of my pictures of the above are in this gallery, but here's a selection.

Huge fossilised ammonite--this monster is bigger than me and took three days to uncover.

Maori warriors posing for us after the cultural show kerravonsen and I went to.

Plush Darwins! And they all look so unhappy.

Pile of plush Galapagos turtles with a Darwin plushie on top

Great Scientists Finger Puppets: Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin.

Assorted finger puppets: Click to see the full size one: Thomas Edison, William Shakespeare, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, Charles Dickens, Emily Dickinson, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Anna Freud, Edgar Allan Poe, plus two plush Galilei in front!

Great Psychologists Finger Puppets: Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Anna Freud, and a couch!

Racing Nuns! I don't know why.

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