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Random observations

We're off to Portmeirion today; on to Manchester tomorrow. It's raining again so we might not be getting our planned canal ride and Portmeirion won't be at its best. Ah. Greg just said that the forecast said north Wales might have better weather so here's hoping.

Things I have noticed here (apart from all the usual things like architecture and quaint villages (fewer than 100 houses) and hamlets (fewer than 50 houses):

The place is full of roundabouts! Even main (A) roads have them seemingly at every intersection, and we've chosen to go on those rather than motorways to see more. It means you can't plant your foot and go for it, but the views are lovely and we're in no real hurry.

Drivers are courteous (even if they don't indicate on roundabouts). We've had them flick their lights at us to make a right turn several time when they had right of way. This is unheard of back home where driving's a sort of competition, just as tramping's a fitness contest in contrast to the more civilised British rambling.

There's CCTV everywhere for security. I actually find it quite reassuring.

I lust after the stone or brick walls, central heating and double-glazing here (encountered in the only two places I've stayed in so far anyway). It would be sheer luxury to be able to maintain a temperature at home noticeably different to that outside. I've suggested to linda_joyce that her sister's double-glazing firm considers opening a branch in NZ.

The " and the @ keys are swapped on keyboards here. [blink]

Young women (and many young men) have beautiful skin. Even our teenagers back home never look so dewy and lovely. What with the lack of ozone layer there and years of sun damage, I know I look at least 10 years older over here. This is somewhat disconcerting. :-(

This might be it for a while. I'm not sure when I'll be online again. Cheers!

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