Nico (vilakins) wrote,

More picspam

More pictures, these ones taken this weekend. A green green green Green hedge features (I think I got the right number of greens in there), some flowers, and my double-ended clothes pegs (by request).

Green green green greenness
This hedge, just down the road from us, is owned by a friend called Richard Green, and besides being a fairly well-known opera singer, he's a member of the Green Party whose serif font he has copied here.

Inspired by kerravonsen's flower pictures, I decided to take some too. These three are from the hedges of the three houses between my place and the corner.

The same type as the budding one. I'm hopeless with flower names.

A hibiscus--yes, one I know the name of!

Pegs for azdak who wondered about the double-ended ones in the basket with Claudia in my previous post. The purple one shows it best: both ends can be used to pin washing up so it doesn't matter which way you're holding them. :-)

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