Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Three animals and an afternoon tea

I finally downloaded the pictures that have been languishing in my camera for up to six weeks.

A woman came into the office last month carrying this dog. I assumed she was one of those people who like living accessories, but in fact she had almost run it over on the street outside. We rang Animal Control and the owner came to get it an hour later--after it had roamed all over the building, annoying everyone; it was not the brightest of dogs.

This the the three-tiered High Tea Greg and I had at the Cornwall Park Restaurant last month on what we thought was the first day of spring. kerravonsen and I plan to go there this week for more of the same. :-)

Vic draped over Greg's arm while he tries to work on his computer--lucky Greg's left-handed. Note the smug look. :-)

Claudia has a routine: after I've hung the washihg out, she jumps in to the laundry basket and the deal is that I carry her back inside. She loves the ride, purring all the way with delight, and I sometimes give her a tour of the grounds first.

"Come on, what are you waiting for? You know the drill!"

Tags: animals, cats, claudia, photos, vic
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