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And now that we have our complete crew, the series begins to get into its stride.

Possession (but sadly not self)
It's only Cally's second episode and already she's possessed. On the plus side, she shows her guerrilla skills, successfully setting bombs and knocking Vila out cold. She was very annoyed when Blake wouldn't let her teleport down with him. I like to think she went to the shooting range she set up in a spare hold.
Jenna's still impressively competent and no-nonsense... until it's time for her to be possessed. That expression just makes me snigger, and how does Saymon's voice come from her female vocal chords? OK, I admit that bit's a little creepy.
Hmm, that's two females possessed in one ep. I wonder if that was one reason Blake decided they could operate the teleport for the obviously less susceptible guys. [rolls eyes] Jenna I can understand being left on board as she's the pilot, but Blake should have used his best fighter more often. I wonder if any of her targets in the shooting range have curly-haired silhouettes.

Avon seems somewhat disarmed by Cally's request to know more about his work, and, I suspect, rather interested in return. Until he finds out he was flirting with a pickle past its use-by date.
Hee; we see the first of Avon's clumsiness when he almost trips going round a corner. I like it. Geniuses need flaws like that.
And yes, there's the scene where he saves Blake's life 'automatically'. Yet he later tells Gan that he could make a fortune with the Liberator tech if it wasn't for Blake, and implies that the time will come when Blake won’t be making the decisions. He also starts off in this ep by refusing to jump to Blake's orders because he's working on something, though I see that more as a geek reaction when confronted by interruptions from less intelligent management.

Vila shows a surprising interest in the neutron blasters for someone who doesn't like guns. I now imagine him playing arcade games down the pub.
He also obviously knows how to calculate courses away from gravity wells and do atmosphere and gravity checks--and Blake trusts him to do it. Blake does not seem at all fooled by Vila's previous harmless and useless act--and Vila knows it. Did Vila learn these skills quickly, or has he some prior experience? In 'Rescue' he knows a lot about Wanderer class ships, and we know he's been off-world at least once before to a penal colony.

Still the idealist who sets the Decimas free, but he also stands and watches while they dismember Geela and Novara and play football with their heads. Did this sour him a little on the common rabble and contribute to his decision to take out Star One, I wonder?

Blake is having a rest in his cabin in what appears, in the higher resolution of a DVD, to be a green knitted cardy opened to reveal a lot of chest. He doesn't bother to button it up till he's on the flight deck, and Jenna barely (no pun intended) gives him a glance. The jerkin improves it no end.
Jenna's outfit is much smarter than that of the previous ep--dark colours suit her--but what's with the padded petals again?
Cally's wearing petals too, attached to what seem to be very staticky green polyester pyjamas. Perhaps floral motifs were in that season in the System.
Vila's in his new patchwork jacket which earns a prompt and rather harsh judgement from Saymon via Cally. ;-)
Avon's in what I call the Sailorboy. It's a lot better than the Housepainter from last week but still very dorky. Did he choose the most robotic-looking outfit?
I like Gan's layers. They suit him.

Liberator cabins have leather loungers. Both Blake and Gan seem to be using them for resting rather than sleeping because they're fully dressed, and Gan has some very futuristic looking lighting by his. I know there are beds in 'Powerplay', but maybe the Altas didn't use them and it took the crew a while to lay in some decent Terran furniture. Having to sleep on loungers without the comfort of sheets, blankets, and one's nightwear of choice might account for some of the short tempers.

Apart from the execrable SFX (really, they should have lost the pickle and gone for a pulsating brain, bwahahaha--oh wait, that was season 3) this is a good episode. The characters are all well defined by now, though the real snark is yet to come.

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