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Slightly more organised

I am soooo tired--physically. I've been reorganising and cleaning and tidying after Greg finally got rid of some of his hoarded junk: 6 cubic metres of it. I reckon there's another three to go, but at last the piles of DVDs and books are now off the floor and tables and onto the newly-cleared shelves. I haven't sorted them at all; that comes later when I decide how to do it. Then when I can actually find things, I won't buy DVDs and books I already have, like I, Claudius and 1066 And All That. At least I realised in time about the latter and cancelled my order. :-P

Ahhh, everything looks so tidy and uncluttered. The trick is keeping it that way.

I also have a new mobile. My old one's battery died yesterday and that's it apparently: they discontinue the batteries six months after the models, so I had to buy a new one. Nice little revenue spinner, that. Why can't they have standard batteries? Anyway, the new one is very cool, flips open like a tricorder, and is a sort of pale gold ('champagne'). I shall have to read the manual to figure out all the new features and the synchronisation software. Up till now I've lagged behind in phone tech, inheriting Greg's discards.

Right, off to bed coz it's Monday tomorrow. Oh yay. I'll have to get two weeks' work done in one since I've got next week off. And somehow find some time to finish the, well, finishathon story which I still don't have an ending for.

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