Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Meme of fours

From shimere277 and kalinda001:

4 films you can always watch: (counting series as one)
- The Truman Show
- The Stunt Man
- The General
- Star Wars (original three)

4 towns you have lived in:
- Wellington, NZ
- Dovrat, Israel (near Afula)
- London, England
- Frankfurt, Germany

4 shows you like to watch (and none of them are on the air right now!):
- Babylon 5
- Blake's 7
- Farscape
- SG1

4 websites you visit daily:
- LiveJournal
- GMail
- Google
- UserFriendly

4 favourite foods:
- gado-gado
- vegetarian samosas
- chocolate (esp if containing ginger)
- crème brûlée

4 places you'd like to be now:
- Vanuatu (sun, sea, beach...)
- Italy (food, culture, beauty)
- Germany (language, culture, joy)
- England (B7 fans, cons, easy access to Europe)

Tags: meme
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