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Time Squad (104)

Ah, now this one was better than 'Cygnus Alpha', though I always find the frozen bad guy scenes on the Liberator drag rather.

This episode has a good serving of witty quotes from several people including Blake. We get Vila and Avon's reaction to the carnivorous plants, Vila's remark about wanting to live forever, Avon insulting Vila, and several more real gems.

Corpsicle capsule
I imagine the air in the capsule was left over from when it was loaded and launched, so it's a nice touch that Blake and Jenna start to run out of it very quickly. I'm not sure how they arrived all scrunched up when they were teleported standing  upright, but perhaps Zen worked that out and altered them before they were transmitted. I wouldn't care for being moved like a puppet myself.

"Liberator is stationary and is stabilised in an anti-orbital posture." I'm with Vila: what the hell does that mean? OK, I'm guessing geosynchronous orbit (over a fixed spot on the planet's surface) which is hardly stationary, but perhaps they mean a geostationary orbit (above a spot on the equator). So far, so good. What's an anti-orbital posture though? Ooh, I know: the Lib's orbiting green glowy bulb first! Hee; did Blake and Avon get it wrong?
We also get the first mention of spacials. If they're 1000 spacials above the surface and Saurian Major is about the size of Earth (going by its gravity) then it seems that a spacial is about 36kms.

Plot holes
When that projectile hits Jenna, she doesn't react like someone with a broken arm, and she uses both of them when she closes the door on the guardian.
How did Gan know how to use the first aid box? It wasn't tech that Jenna was familiar with by her reaction so I'm guessing it was Liberator equipment. Were there little icons showing broken bones or something, or did Gan take a stab in the dark? He seemed to know what he was doing.
Gan could have attacked the guardians and broken their limbs instead of standing there with a gun he couldn't fire.
Where did Vila get his box of tricks?

Zen-shaped hole
Zen obviously knew about the danger of taking the capsule on board but:
1) Why didn't he teleport Blake and Jenna back, thus making that unnecessary?
2) Why was he unable to warn the crew--until later when he told Gan there was a fourth guardian?
Was he programmed to obey at all costs and not object, or not to warn a non-System crew before they did something stupid? He volunteers information later to Gan, so neither of those make a lot of sense.

Avon has changed his outfit--to one of his worst. It looks as if he was painting his cabin in that tunic. If it doesn't have a name, I hereby dub it The Housepainter.

Jenna shows her competence and knowledge as she instructs the crew on how to fly the Liberator.
We hear about Gan's limiter and his need to be with others to be safe--something that also speaks volumes about the dangers of Federation society. I doubt I could kill anyone but I don’t feel the need to be with others who can--far from it.
Cally uses her telepathy with Blake who has no problem hearing her, and I note she can aim it just at him. Pity that ability was hardly used again, especially in S-L-D.
The beginning of the Vila and Avon snarkfest! :-D
When it looks as if they're all going to be blown up with the communication complex, Vila doesn't complain or panic. He just moves to stand by Blake and looks at him with what seems to me to be faith that Blake will get them out. He trusts Blake that much already?
And as for Jenna's remark at the end, I interpret that as wariness. She had just been almost killed by aliens taken on board without knowing much about them and they've just gone and done the same thing with another one.

...And at last we have our Seven!

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