Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Star One

I'm in Wales, at linda_joyce's cottage.

I had a wonderful time at Star One, meeting the Blake's 7 cast and people like quarryquest, spacefall, pinkdormouse, trixieleitz, Harriet, Jurgen, Steve, and lots of new friends. Along with 9 others (different people each time) I had both coffee and dinner with Michael Keating. He was just lovely; a real gentleman who spoke to each of us about our interests, and acceped Vila Restal's E-mails with apparent delight. He was an absolute sweetie, even nicer than I'd heard which I didn't think was possible. [sigh] I'm still kicking myself though that I forgot to ask why his chest was shaved for 'Horizon'. Anyway, I'll do a full report on the con when I get home.

I couldn't take part in the traditional Wobblevision as I was at the dinner which I wouldn't have missed, but I got a cameo role in a quick 'remount' the next day. Hee.

On our way to Wales today, we passed a sign to the Chedworth Roman Villa so I thought I might as well see a different one. Unfortunately National Trust sites are closed on Mondays but I got pictures of the ruins and excavations though the gate, plus the notice on the shop with showed site opening times with 'Shop As Villa' underneath. Couldn't help but think they meant grab the stuff from the shelves and bolt without paying.

Tags: holiday, michael keating, star one 2004
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