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Aaaagh! Or possibly "Arrrrr!" though it's Thursday here.

I sent off a publication to the printers today and they didn't have all the fonts I used so it came back borked. Borked, I tell you. One ad's lost half a phone number, an article has half the last reference missing, one whole column and half another are totally messed up due to them replacing two of my fonts with some huge monstrosity that didn't fit. [cries] They're reprinting it tomorrow but it's still going out two days late when I'm the only person in the department since one person left and the other's out of town and I have to handle everything alone. We never had a problem with the printers before. Why now? And [points at icon]

I need cheering up but this is not likely.

  1. I was so pissed off I came straight home, forgetting I had three books to pick up at the library. [hits self on head]
  2. LJ is strangely quiet. Not many people have been posting recently and even fewer have been commenting. What's going on? It's not just LJ either; the Freedom City mailing list is belly up in the water.
  3. A strange cat is getting in our cat door and upsetting our guys. I'll have to put magnets on them again. I hate doing that to them, and Vic, an ex-stray, has never been collared. Oh, joy...
Greg just came home and said he'd pick me up for lunch tomorrow. This should give me one bright spot in the day.
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