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Knit a Dalek!

Via norda, a Dalek knitting pattern! Strangely enough, it's on a site called Entropy House, but it's nothing to do with our entropy_house even though she's made Cybermats and knitted a uterus.

Note that the pattern is only for one's own use, and not to be used to make items for sale.

While I'm at it, some more Doctor Who links.

I got e-mails from both Amazon UK and offering the "Key to Time" 7 DVD box set starring the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) and Romana (Mary Tamm). This contains all six linked stories of Dr Who's 16th Season along with many extras. The scificollector set comes with Tom Baker's signature and the first 80 people to order get an "Androids of Tara" stamp cover signed by Mary Tamm. I couldn't actually find it on their site though it's mentioned, perhaps because it's only out on Monday. The Amazon one is £17.50 (25%) cheaper without the signature.

And for those fans who celebrate Halloween, a Delek Sec voicechanger helmet! Scroll down for a talking 4th Doctor and TARDIS if that's more your thing

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