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Doctor Who meme

Unlike communicator's, my flist is not (yet) full of this Doctor Who meme. It's a fun one with amusing and correctly spelled (!) questions, too. Pity I had to fire up IE to see the text properly (the end of the lines are hidden in Firefox and Opera). I'm not sure how I scored 0% weirdness though. People who know me would be puzzled.

Your Score: The Seventh Doctor

You scored 46% intelligence, 37% compassion, 35% sense of humor, and 0% weirdness!

You're a well-rounded "multi-purpose" kind of Time Lord. You enjoy a laugh every now and then, but you know when to stop fooling around and become indignant, devious, compassionate, or just downright unpredictable at the appropriate times. Your turn-ons include question marks, trilled rrrr's, and people who enjoy a good doff of the hat every now and then. Your turn-offs include burnt toast, train stations, unrequited love, and metallo-organic creatures who like to plunder Earth in search of powerful, ancient artifacts that will give them dominion over the cosmos. This happens more often than one might think.

Link: The Which Doctor Who Are You? Test written by TottersLane on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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