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SGA and questions

We've also been watching SGA and have just seen the S2 cliff-hanger and the start of S3 (so we're a little behind). I'm liking this series more and more, esp now the Wraith are getting more interesting. Rodney is wonderful. I want Rodney to meet Avon. I'd put half my money on Rodney and the other half on Avon. ;-)

I have two questions however, one of which is pretty general, but the other is a bit spoilery though I tried to despoilerise it.

Wraith diet. Why do they have to eat humans? They can't raise cattle or similar beasts and feed off them? Cattle would have the advantage of growing to a large size very quickly and they wouldn't fight back. I gather that the Wraith seem to suck potential life from people (a bit like the weeping angels in Doctor Who) and cattle don't live as long, but the size of their life force would to some extent counteract that.

Pinpointing one spot in the universe. Two ships are travelling between the Atlantean galaxy and ours. Space is unimaginably huge and pretty featureless between the galaxies, yet Zelenka calculates where the ships will come out of hyperspace to make repairs. The Daedalus then turns up right where the other ships are. Eh? How is that possible?

Did I miss something?

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