Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Down and safe

I'm here, in a Bedford cybercafe after two flights of 11 and 13 hours respectively, so long and boring it's almost enough to put me off ever doing this again.

Malaysian Airlines are certainly a good airline with excellent meals (no pork in sight, them being Muslim, yay) and individual screens in the back of each seat showing a selection of fillms, TV shows, and games. I crashed mine. A favourite option was the 'airshow' which gave all sorts of info about the flight; airspeed, height, location, outside temperature etc. One screen had me puzzled though: it showed the plane and an arrow, and the word 'Makkah' with distance in miles and km. It took me a while to realise it was pointing out the direction to Mecca. Duh.

We stayed overnight in Kuala Lumpur in the Pan Pacific which claimes to be the best airport hotel in Asia. I'll go along with that. Our room was very nice and complete with a green arrow on one corner of the ceiling with a mosque-shaped tip--yes, pointing to Mecca. The breakfast was superb: a selection of various cuisines including curries which we went for.

We were given a complimentary newspaper called 'The Sun'. Unlike its UK counterpart, this was pretty good, full of interesting articles, and over its logo was the admonition to 'Save trees. Share this copy with friends and family'. Hey, I'd buy it if I lived there! Articles included one about a jewellery heist where two men made off with 700,000RM (120,000GBP) worth--Vila would approve--and a teenager killed by tigers while accompanying his rubber-tapper father to work.

We've booked into the Moat House Hotel in Bedford. It's appropriate for a Blake's 7 con with a carpet in reception worthy of their 'swirly thing' SFX. There's a B7 quiz in the bar tonight for those of us who've arrived early. Fun!

Tags: holiday, star one 2004
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